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ODDITY embodies the alliance of innovation and prestige in the beauty and wellness industry, harnessing artificial intelligence, molecular discovery, and computer vision. In partnership with Antinomy Studio, we have crafted the showcase website for ODDITY. Antinomy Studio has designed a modern and captivating interface to highlight the uniqueness and innovation that define ODDITY, while we have ensured the development to provide a seamless and immersive online experience. This website offers a sleek and elegant immersion into the future of beauty and wellness.

Story telling

The site takes you on a smooth and elegant journey, gradually unveiling the story of the company. Each scroll reveals the values, technological advancements, and promising future of ODDITY, offering a captivating immersion into the world of beauty of tomorrow.


A dedicated mobile experience

The mobile version has been carefully crafted with a specific design, dedicated development, and optimization. All of this aims to ensure a smooth and optimal browsing experience for users. Each element of the mobile version has been designed to adapt perfectly to smaller screens, ensuring that visitors can easily explore the captivating world of ODDITY wherever they are.


Doze Studio Motion Design
AntinomyDesign UI UX